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Ankle Sprain

You can have this sprain if the ligaments of your ankle joint are injured. Ligaments are characterized by elastic and band- like structures which holds the bones that make up your ankle joint together. They also serve to prevent excessive twisting and... To read more click here...

Arthritis Symptoms

Among the 100 different kinds of arthritis, the following are the most common ones with their respective signs and symptoms. As aforementioned, the Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis. This occurs when cartilage... Find out more...

Aspergers Symptoms

Generally, the patients find it difficult to make friends with other people. Oftentimes, they make use of language in a different and odd way. They also usually take the literal meanings of the things they see and hear. As far as routines are concerned, they... More on this site..

Autism Symptoms

At the early stage of the disorder, the children to develop some indicative delays in speech, social communication, language and social interaction. Autistic children are also believed to be poor performers in a number of imaginative and symbolic activities. These are the autism... More on this page..

Blood Clots During Period

Therefore, it is time to let those worries off your mind. According to the research, there are numerous reasons that lead to blood clots during monthly periods. *If you're taking any type of oral contraceptive pills, it could affect the flow of the menstrual blood. These are proven to... Read more..

Blood Pressure Chart

But before being able to utilize this chart, you will need to understand the basics about the blood pressure of the body. The blood pressure that you see in hospital charts and health insurance files is composed of two numbers, one on top of the other.... Source..

Brain Tumor Symptoms

It is normal for people to have headaches and they are usually relieved with a pain killer. But there is a characteristic headache for brain tumors since the headaches in people with tumors in the... Continue reading..

Clinical Depression

It is because it’s really difficult to make your life normal when you’re suffering from depression. However, by participating in regular exercises, you can start feeling a lot better which is proven by several studies... Source of information..

Constipation Symptoms

Constipation is associated with several signs and symptoms. The worst thing is that a lot of people are not even... Source..

Depression Test

People can also feel depressed due to day to day activities like failing the exam at school. Some medical conditions even cause depressed... More on this site..

Dry Cough

Since it does not choose whom to strike, medical experts have come up with a wide variety of medications to cure it and many reliable experiments have shown some natural and home remedies to be effective in treating this respiratory problem. The following are a number of home remedies you can try when couch hits you. The irritation caused by dry cough can be lessened through a simple way like hot shower. Bathing under tolerably hot... Continue reading..

Excessive Bleeding During Period

Even though fibroids are usually typical, often times, the physicians will not take them off. The issue is the fact that a lot of women are affected every month because of excessive bleeding during period.... Source of information..

Gender Predictor

They say that if it is sweet, the mother is carrying a female child. On the other hand, if she is craving for bad things such as pickles, it will be a boy. All of these opinions are erroneous and should not be believed in. Is it really possible to predict the gender of a baby? There are both pre- and post- conception ways on how to determine correctly the baby’s gender. A... Source..

Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma is a condition that is related to an optic nerve disease. Optic nerve is the primary visual nerve which is responsible for the transmission of impulse from what we visualize to the brain. In the case of glaucoma, the optic nerve is damaged which results in the impairment or even loss of the side vision. If... To read more click here...

Hand Washing Facts

First, hand washing must be done with soap and water. Washing with just water will not be enough to get rid of the germs. Antibacterial soaps are advised but regular soaps... Source..

Hangover Cures

Many people actually call sick to work the day after the party just to get some good sleep. This will allow the body to regain all the lost energy. A lot of people may... Source of information..

Heavy Period With Clots

You don't only worry about repeated changing protection and all sorts of thing that needed to do, particularly use a bathroom however a large decrease... More on this site..

HIV Symptoms

Different countries have already launched HIV awareness campaigns in order to educate the people about this condition and how life threatening this could be. People should be taught about what the condition... Find out more...

Itchy Skin

Occasional itching of the skin is actually normal especially when it is just brought about by dust or other triggering particles. But if the skin itching is long term and the... Read more..

Kidney Pain

Some forms of kidney suffering are also caused by the infection of kidney and/or chronic diseases like polycystic kidney disease or cancer.... More on this page..

Loss Of Voice

If you are suffering from a number of laryngitis symptoms like sore throat, voice hoarseness and coughing, treating your condition with natural and homemade means can help ease the pain as well as speed up the recuperation. Drinking plenty of fluids can be very beneficial for loss of voice. Warm beverages are proven to be a very effective remedy as they can relax your vocal... More on this page..

Lupus Disease

In mild lupus cases, a patient is usually given a corticosteroid to treat the rashes as well as non-steroidal and anti inflammatory medicines for joint and muscle pain and fever. Some antimalarial medications will also be given to you to relieve the inflammation of your lungs, joint pain as well as fatigue. For severe cases of lupus, stronger medicines probably with higher dosage will be administered such as immunosupressants and higher... More on this site..

Male Yeast Infection

There may be a few symptoms especially in the crotch area but most men will not mind it as it may only be a simple case of jock itch. One of the ways to be aware that a man might have a case of male yeast infection is to check if his sexual partner also has a yeast infection. A yeast infection is much easier tom detect in... To read more click here...

Meningitis Symptoms

Meninges are the lining that coats and protects the brain including the spinal cord. This part of the body has a very important function since it offers protection to the central nervous system which is responsible for transmission of information from the brain to the body’s periphery. When the meninges are inflamed, due to multiple causes, this is... To read more click here...

Menstrual Cycle Calculator

But if you still want to make sure, a menstrual cycle calculator can help you. By using a menstrual calculator you... Source..

Ovulation Predictor

Usually, these days do not go beyond 4 days. When a couple performs intercourse during these ovulation days, there is a high chance that the woman will conceive in no time. But what is an ovulation period? This is the time wherein the ovaries actually release an egg out of the ovaries and into the fallopian tube. When an egg is already out, the sperm will be free to penetrate it and... More on this site..


But since this is only an average, some women may have shorter or longer perimenopausal periods. Experts and doctors say that menopause should occur after the age of 40 and if it happens before 40, it will be called premature menopause. But it is possible for the perimenopausal phase to begin even at 35 years old. During this phase there will be dramatic changes in the menstrual cycles of the... Source of information..

It goes away what the menstrual period is over. This type of breast pain is commonly cause by a lot of different changes in the progesterone and estrogen levels, occurring inside the body of a woman. Breast pain that is caused by fluctuations of hormones disappears on its own when the woman reaches her menopausal... Click here to continue..

Signs Of Depression

They can be complex but in general, a depressed person feels extreme sadness, hopelessness and loses interest in things that he usually used to do before depression struck him. The signs tend to... Source..

Sinus Headache

A sinus headache is characterized by pressure and pain experienced by the sufferer around or in the nose, forehead and/or cheeks. Apart from that, this headache may unfortunately come with some other symptoms such as... To read more click here...

Sinus Infection

The word acute in the medical world translates to sudden and short term. This type of sinus infection usually does not go beyond eight weeks. This type of sinusitis is also very responsive to medications and antibiotics. The infection goes away pretty fast and the symptoms will be gone in just 10 days. The other type of sinusitis is the chronic. This type is the more common type of sinusitis and... More on this site..

Sinus Infection Symptoms

This sinus infection is usually resulted from a viral infection including common colds. It is considered as often indirect effect of any infection caused by bacteria. It may also be caused by fungi which mostly affect people whose immune systems are compromised. These... Click here to continue..


The most complicated tubular structure in the body is of course the circulatory system. It can happen in the tiny blood vessels in the periphery of the... Read more..

Stiff Neck

A stiff neck is actually a condition wherein the neck feels sore and painful during movement. When a person with this condition tries to rotate or even turn the head from one side to another, there is difficulty and pain associated with it. Usually, when a person experiences this,... Click here to read more..

Stress Symptoms

In fewer portion, stress could even give positive outcomes on the things that we do. It serves as a challenge for us to deal or even surpass the present boundaries in order for us to become faster, stronger and a lot better. Nevertheless, some people consider stress a very difficult problem to deal with that even affects their life and daily activities as well as their health. Knowing the stress symptoms... Find out more...

Throat Cancer Symptoms

Throat cancer is the type of cancer that affects the neck area specifically the pharynx, the larynx and the vocal cords. The pharynx is the structure that links the nasal canal to the mouth. The larynx is also known as the voice box and the vocal cords are responsible for the vibrations that cause the sound when we talk or speak. Although... Click here to read more..

Upper Back Pain

If you constantly slouch at your work desk, you will be more likely to experience the pain as it causes strains on your back. Another cause of the pain is a traumatic accident. However, the most common cause is muscular and joint issues. Your muscles become irritated if they... Source of information..

Adult Autism

Experts say that there are adults who have just been diagnosed with the said condition but that does not mean that the autistic behavior developed during adulthood. Autism always begins during the developmental stages of the body, which means it is during infanthood all the way to... Source..

Antibiotics List

When bacteria attack the body the immune system makes an effort to destroy it first. People who have poor resistance and who are immunocompromised are usually at risk to infection. When the immune system is not able to eliminate the bacteria in the body diseases can happen and this is when antibiotics are needed. Antibiotics are not used in treatment of diseases caused by viruses. This is why it is important... Source of information..

Breast Implants Before And After

The entire procedure usually takes one to one and a half hours. Just after the procedure it is normal for the patient to experience pain on the breast. Usually pain medications are given and patient is also advised to rest. It is advisable that after the operation to avoid doing strenuous activities and exercise. It is best to wait until your body... Read more..

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